Introducing ReMEDIES

LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES is focusing on how sensitive seabed habitats are impacted by recreational activities. Together, our partnership aims to:

  • Reduce recreational pressures on sensitive habitats
  • Restore and protect sensitive habitats
  • Promote awareness of these habitats and their importance

ReMEDIES is funded by the EU LIFE programme and led by Natural England in partnership with The Royal Yachting Association, Marine Conservation Society, Ocean Conservation Trust and Plymouth City Council/Tamar Estuaries Consultative Forum. See our Partners and Funders page for more information.

Helford River/Lewis Jefferies
Helford River/Lewis Jefferies

A First for the Solent: Osborne Bay Voluntary No Anchor Zone Installed

Osborne Bay hosts an expansive seagrass bed that is showing signs of damage from anchoring and mooring pressures. Surveys indicate a high level of this activity in the bay. Reducing and removing these pressures will allow the seagrass bed to naturally recover and flourish. Natural England led the introduction of a Voluntary No Anchor Zone…

Seagrass, Isles of Scilly. Credit Michiel Vos/Ocean Image Bank

New boat mooring system paves way for significant seagrass rewilding

A pioneering project by the Marine Conservation Society and the Ocean Conservation Trust has recorded significant seagrass regrowth in Plymouth Sound, whilst continuing to allow safe boat mooring. Four years following the installation of a new ‘Advanced Mooring System’, the Marine Conservation Society and partners at the Ocean Conservation Trust report a 212% increase in…

Seagrass awareness boards unveiled at marinas across Plymouth

Interpretation boards help boat users navigate sensitive seabed habitats The new seagrass information boards in Plymouth are the first to be installed at marinas and harbours in five key seagrass sites in the South of England. The first of these boards, funded by the LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES Project, were installed at six marinas across Plymouth,…

Amelia Newman, Ocean Conservation Trust presenting on ReMEDIES. Image credit: Ocean Conservation Trust

World Seagrass Conference. Napoli, Italy

2024 World Seagrass Conference & 15th International Seagrass Biology Workshop   Napoli, Italy June 17 – 21   491 delegates from 48 countries attended a meeting in the heart of Naples at a spectacular 13th century Baroque church ‘Santa Maria la Nova’. The theme of the conference was ‘Seagrass in the Anthropocene’ that was reflected…

Spotlight on Essex Estuaries

New Essex Site Lead Jules is off in search of seagrass I’m excited to get cracking in my role as the new Natural England Marine Lead Advisor for the ReMEDIES project in Essex. One of the first things for me to do has naturally been to see Essex seagrass. Dwarf Eelgrass Here in the Essex…

Scilly Seagrass and Beautiful Boat Trips

We’ve been spreading the word about seagrass at the Isles of Scilly Festival of Nature It has been a glorious start to the season! Three representatives from the ReMEDIES project got to enjoy the weather to the full at the Isles of Scilly Festival of Nature. The Isles of Scilly is one of the Special…