Introducing ReMEDIES

LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES is focusing on how sensitive seabed habitats are impacted by recreational activities. Together, our partnership aims to:

  • Reduce recreational pressures on sensitive habitats
  • Restore and protect sensitive habitats
  • Promote awareness of these habitats and their importance

ReMEDIES is funded by the EU LIFE programme and led by Natural England in partnership with The Royal Yachting Association, Marine Conservation Society, Ocean Conservation Trust and Plymouth City Council/Tamar Estuaries Consultative Forum. See our Partners and Funders page for more information.

Helford River/Lewis Jefferies
Helford River/Lewis Jefferies
barge Solent 18 March 2022

England’s largest ever seagrass planting hits new milestone

£2.5m project led by Natural England has now planted seagrass across a total of 3.5 hectares of seabed. Seagrass can be as effective at storing carbon as our woodlands but UK has lost around half of its seagrass since the mid-1930s. Project partners to share expertise with marine conservation projects taking place around Europe to…

Restoration barge. Credit Jay Stone

10,000 bags of seagrass seeds to be planted at Plymouth Sound

Volunteers are busy packing 10,000 bags of seagrass seeds for planting underwater in Plymouth Sound. Research shows at least 44 per cent of the UK’s seagrass has been lost since 19361. This restoration work is part of England’s largest seagrass planting effort under the LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES partnership, led by Natural England. The partnership’s restoration…

Ocean Image Bank/Michiel Vos

Plymouth’s underwater success story for COP26

Planting grass on the seabed in Plymouth is one of the UK’s green success stories being shared at COP26 in Glasgow. The ambition to take seagrass seeds from healthy underwater meadows, cultivate them in the laboratory and then plant a total of eight hectares sounds like science fiction. But already one hectare – the equivalent…

Spidercrab blog 1

Seagrass species spotlight: Spider Crab

Hello Seagrass fans!  If you’re feeling crabby after not having your species spotlight update last month, do not worry, we have a treat in store for you!  This month we want to introduce you to a creepy looking, but intriguing creature.  You are going to meet the largest of the Crab family, they have incredibly…

Seagrass Superheroes Series 2022

What a Spring we have seen here on the ReMEDIES Project Education program!  As we head inexorably towards June and the start of Summer and a busy diving season, we can look back at the great successes of the Seagrass Superheroes program and our intensive educational outreach season delivering the series four times over thanks…

World Oceans Day!

Positivity in Nature – 5 things we should all know about seagrass   Following the weekends’ Jubilee celebrations, we have never been more united and positive for nature as a nation than we are following the messages of hope for nature from the pageantry of the celebrations.  From messages of hope from Sir David Attenborough,…