Spring seagrass planting is underway

08 March 2022  /  By Wendy Johnson, ReMEDIES Assistant Project Manager

Wendy Johnson

Wendy Johnson

Our wonderful volunteers are back in action packing seagrass seed bags for our springtime planting effort. Thanks to all of you.

As I write, there have already been three industrious days of packing at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, generating a total of 10,400 seed bags. The bags need to be planted soon after packing, so our restoration partner, Ocean Conservation Trust, has already sent them down to the seabed at Jennycliff Bay. There will be more planting at this site towards the end of the month.

Next stop…the Solent

In the meantime, we are preparing ourselves for next week when we start planting at our new restoration site in the Solent. We can’t wait to meet more volunteer bag packers at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton and the University of Portsmouth.

We need 20,000 seed bags to cover one hectare of seabed at this new restoration site west of the mouth of the Beaulieu River, so there’s lots of work ahead. But it’s an exciting time, and we will keep you all updated with progress. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @EULIFERemedies.

Seed bag packing volunteers at NMA in March 2022/ Ocean Conservation Trust