Visitors to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth can learn all about the super-plant which is seagrass. Find out why it is so important and what we can all do to help protect it. Get a glimpse into what goes on in our ground breaking, purpose-built Seagrass Laboratory, where seagrass seeds are grown and cared for as part of our restoration work.

As many as 25,000 seagrass plants can be cultivated here each year, before being transplanted onto the seabed.

Activities at home

Our Education Officer has developed these family-friendly worksheets to introduce children to seagrass and the creatures that rely upon it.

Where do I live?

Can you match the animals to their underwater habitats?

What is Seagrass?

Word puzzles and colouring that bring this super-plant to life.

Build a seagrass ship

Fold a paper ship, float it in water and design your own anchor!

Plant Wildflowers

Replicate our seagrass planting in your own garden with wildflower seeds bombs!

Watching Boats

We often watch boats and record what they are doing, now you can too! It helps us understand how to help the seabed