Our volunteers donate their skills and expertise in a range of ways to help share ReMEDIES messages.


Some of our volunteers have utilised and developed their film editing, animation, scriptwriting and narration skills while volunteering to help us. Here you can see some examples of how these skills can come together to promote our work.

Melloney Cunnell - MCS Sea Champion

Mel seagrass champion

"When I was little I wanted to be a mermaid when I grew up, I am grown up now and still want to be a mermaid! I love learning about the ocean and want to help protect it. I work in the film industry but I spend my spare time learning as much as I can about our blue planet and volunteering for the Marine Conservation Society. I really enjoyed creating a video about Seagrass,I find it particularly interesting because of it’s huge power to help our ocean and coastline. It is a silent protector who needs a voice. My husband and I worked together on this content and we are proud to be a voice for seagrass and help share awareness!"

Calma - MCS Sea Champion

Calma Hawkes
Calma Hawkes

"Hi, I'm Calma. I'm a MCS Sea Champion. I compiled this video (below) to share some incredible facts about seagrass and raise awareness about this widely unknown habitat.

"It was great to learn more about our oceans and I love the chance to get creative about something I'm passionate about."

Harrison - MCS Sea Champion

MCS Sea Champion Harrison (left) made this delightful animation 'What's so amazing about seagrass?' narrated by Janavi (right), to promote National Biodiversity Day in May 2021.

Harrison Peck
Janavi Kramer photo

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