You can spread the word about our hidden rainforests

“We only protect what we love, we only love what we understand, and we only understand what we are taught.” 

(Jacques Cousteau)

Many people still don't know that we have vital underwater habitats right here on our doorstep. Spreading the word about seagrass is the first important step in protecting it. You can raise awareness by sharing our seagrass poster in your front window, on your school/office noticeboard or online.

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You can read more about these three seagrass facts below, and don't forget to share them with a friend today:

Fact 1

It's often said that "every second breath comes from the ocean", and seagrass is a major oxygen factory!

The ocean produces around 50% of Earth's oxygen, while rainforests produce about 20%.

Just like plants on land, seagrasses use photosynthesis to make energy, taking carbon dioxide from the water and releasing oxygen.


Seagrass is needed more than ever!

Its complex root systems quickly take up and store large amounts of carbon - up to 35x faster than tropical rainforests.

It covers less than 0.2% of the ocean floor, but absorbs 10% of the ocean's carbon every year.



Seagrass captures carbon faster than temperate rainforest and can lock it away for thousands of years.
Seagrass is a foundation for life - over a million species rely on seagrass.

From marvellous manatees to pocket-sized pipefish, seagrass supports a huge range of animals.

Just like the rainforest, seagrass beds provide a safe place for all kinds of creatures to live and breed.

Other animals are visiters to segrass beds. Some, like turtles, come to graze on the leaves while others, like the speedy mako shark, whizz by to snap up a fishy snack.