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Yarmouth 2018 Zostera marina in foreground credit Tim Ferrero/Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

Yarmouth is pioneering marine project’s new moorings

Two types of environmentally friendly moorings, known as Advanced Mooring Systems (AMS), have been installed in the Solent, near Yarmouth Harbour on the Isle of Wight. They are part of a trial being carried out by the LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES project, a marine conservation project to protect and restore the seabed at five areas along…

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Amelia Newman, Ocean Conservation Trust presenting on ReMEDIES. Image credit: Ocean Conservation Trust

World Seagrass Conference. Napoli, Italy

2024 World Seagrass Conference & 15th International Seagrass Biology Workshop   Napoli, Italy June 17 – 21   491 delegates from 48 countries attended a meeting in the heart of Naples at a spectacular 13th century Baroque church ‘Santa Maria la Nova’. The theme of the conference was ‘Seagrass in the Anthropocene’ that was reflected…

Spotlight on Essex Estuaries

New Essex Site Lead Jules is off in search of seagrass I’m excited to get cracking in my role as the new Natural England Marine Lead Advisor for the ReMEDIES project in Essex. One of the first things for me to do has naturally been to see Essex seagrass. Dwarf Eelgrass Here in the Essex…

Scilly Seagrass and Beautiful Boat Trips

We’ve been spreading the word about seagrass at the Isles of Scilly Festival of Nature It has been a glorious start to the season! Three representatives from the ReMEDIES project got to enjoy the weather to the full at the Isles of Scilly Festival of Nature. The Isles of Scilly is one of the Special…

Invasive species alert! Wire Weed and Watersipora

Whilst we work to conserve and restore our seagrass beds, we need to watch out for invasive species that threaten the seagrass ecosystem.   From May-July you might spot the up to two metres-long, olive brown fronds of wire weed (Sargassum muticum). Wire weed interferes with seagrass bed regeneration. It spreads through the dispersal of…

The dive team is now mostly female

It’s international day of women and girls in science!

In celebration of women and girls in science, we’re interviewing Amelia, our Seagrass Cultivation Officer   Amelia, what’s the best thing about your job? The highlight of my job is really when the little shoots start coming through about three weeks after planting in the lab. They’re really cute and you can start counting them.…

Winter beneath the waves

Spare a thought for seagrass on the shortest day of the year. We can see how plants on land react to colder temperatures and shorter days. But have you ever wondered what goes on when it’s winter beneath the waves? Marine specialist Chris takes a deep dive into how seagrasses survive the stresses of winter……

The wonders of seagrass: Lesley’s volunteering story

We asked volunteer Lesley what inspired her love of seagrass  and how she’s been spreading the word. I was lucky enough to grow up by the sea…   …in a small coastal village called Anderby Creek in Lincolnshire. I had an idyllic childhood. My playground was the golden sandy beaches. I spent many hours with…

A small crowd of people smiling and holding various artefacts from the sea

Outreach and engagement on the Isles of Scilly

ReMEDIES has been doing some amazing engagement and outreach on the Isles of Scilly! In October, a host of exciting activities got underway, led by The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust, as the  Festival of Nature launched for the first time! The events and engagement sessions showcased the wildlife on Scilly, including seagrass meadows. The Islands…

Tinside (1) - Copy

MCS Sea Champion: Caroline’s story

We asked MCS Sea Champion volunteer, Caroline Collingridge, why she is so passionate about seagrass, what had prompted her to volunteer for MCS and help out with talking to visitors about seagrass, at the Green Tech boat show on the Remedies project/RYA Green Blue stand this summer…. What got me interested in seagrass? Wanting to…

stalked jelly

Seagrass Species Spotlight: Stalked Jellyfish

It’s harvest season and our team of divers have been busy all over the southwest diving seagrass beds!  From Osborne Bay in the Solent to the Helford River in Cornwall, and many favourable condition sites in between, the reproductive shoots containing precious seeds for cultivation are being harvested!  An important part of our harvest efforts…

Adele Gibson - Seagrass

MCS Sea Champion: Sarah’s story

We asked MCS Sea Champion volunteer, Sarah Pearson, why she is so passionate about seagrass, what had prompted her to volunteer for MCS and help out with organising talks about seagrass…. So what’s my story – I think the best thing is to give a little background… Jacques Cousteau shaped my early love of the…

Spidercrab blog 1

Seagrass species spotlight: Spider Crab

Hello Seagrass fans!  If you’re feeling crabby after not having your species spotlight update last month, do not worry, we have a treat in store for you!  This month we want to introduce you to a creepy looking, but intriguing creature.  You are going to meet the largest of the Crab family, they have incredibly…