Fiona Crouch North Solent NNR

Fiona Crouch

Natural England, Project Manager

Fiona joined Natural England in February 2020 as Project Manager for LIFE Recreation ReMEDIES, responsible for ensuring the project delivers, the funder’s requirements are satisfied, and the partnership is a working effectively together.

Fiona was formerly at Plymouth City Council where she was the Recreational Impacts Officer, and at the Marine Biological Association, working on citizen science and education projects and managing the EU-funded Sea Change project. Fiona also co-founded the European Marine Science Educators’ Association in 2011 to help promote Ocean Literacy across Europe. She has been scuba diving for more than 30 years and can often be found in her favourite local diving spots in and around Plymouth Sound.

Rebecca Smith

Rebecca Smith

Finance Officer (part-time)

Rebecca is responsible for overseeing the financial management of ReMEDIES and reporting to our funder LIFE.

Rebecca has been with English Nature and Natural England since 2004 where she worked for a number of years as a Transport Policy Specialist. Since 2012, Rebecca has been involved in several of Natural England’s LIFE and Heritage Funding projects in both project roles (IPENS LIFE Programme Coordinator and the Interim Programme Manager for Back from the Brink) and more latterly in providing advice, guidance and support to all of Natural England’s LIFE projects. Rebecca was keen to join the ReMEDIES project team to get back into a project role and to learn more about our amazing marine environment.

Esther Farrant

Esther Farrant

Education Officer

Meet Esther, our full-time Education Officer, based within the Ocean Conservation Trust.  Esther is an inspiring educator, captivating audiences of children, students, and adults with her creative and interactive workshops, and a new program of immersive experiences to connect people with our project.

With a background in sail training and science education, Esther has the skills required to showcase our aims, inspire behaviour change, and recruit the future generation of conservationists.  By engaging with local fishing communities, sailors, and schools, Esther is raising awareness of vital seabed habitats and motivating communities to help protect them.
Esther loves the ocean and is most often found on, in, or under it, either paddleboarding, kitesurfing, sailing or scuba diving.

Amelia Newman

Amelia Newman

Seagrass Cultivation Officer

Amelia joined as our full-time Seagrass Cultivation Officer in autumn 2021, based within the Ocean Conservation Trust.
She is passionate about growing healthy seagrass and replenishing natural beds.

With a background in marine science and conservation, and excellent knowledge of the local fisheries, Amelia is well equipped to highlight the importance of seagrass beds to local maritime uses. Amelia has previously worked with other EU LIFE projects such as ReLIONMED and ReCONNECT. She is most at peace under the sea and loves to dive...especially in seagrass