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The Marine Conservation Society fights for the future of our ocean through people-powered action – with science on our side. We defend habitats and species, with communities, businesses and governments. Together with thousands of supporters and volunteers we work towards a cleaner, better-protected, healthier ocean where seas are full of life, where nature flourishes and people thrive.

We have three clearly defined areas of work. Our Clean Seas team works on finding ways to prevent and clean up marine litter and pollution. Our Fisheries and Aquaculture team promotes sustainable fishing to minimise harm caused by harvesting resources and our Ocean Recovery team works to create a better-protected ocean, securing areas where species and habitats can recover.

From the way we wash our clothes, the seafood choices we make, the way we shop and what we buy – everything we do has an impact on the ocean.

MCS is delighted to be part of the ReMEDIES project, seeking to enhance the technologies available to reduce the damage of seagrass beds, while sowing new beds into appropriate places. We’re focusing on increasing education on the importance of seagrass in schools and communities around the Marine Protected Areas we’re working in.