Ocean Conservation Trust

The Ocean Conservation Trust is a global Ocean conservation charity acting towards our vision of a healthy Ocean. Our two main focuses are behaviour change and habitat restoration. We connect people with the Ocean through large-scale awareness campaigns and education initiatives, as well as carrying out seagrass restoration.

Our role within ReMEDIES is to carry out on-the-ground marine habitat restoration through seagrass replanting, and to inspire better care of marine habitats through education and outreach.

We are restoring and preserving up to four hectares of seagrass in the Plymouth Sound National Marine Park and four hectares in the Solent Maritime Special Area of Conservation. During collection dives in summer 2020, we successfully gathered 800,000 seagrass seeds, some of which have been grown to seedling in the National Marine Aquarium cultivation facility. These seeds and seedlings are for replanting back into areas where seagrass meadows have been lost.

Alongside physical restoration, we carry out education work within schools and with adult audiences to ensure everyone understands the importance of seabed habitats and how to protect them. This holistic approach allows us to restore seagrass beds while encouraging people to actively care for them.

Our efforts within the ReMEDIES project are fuelled by our belief that plants which combat climate change, such as seagrass, should be protected and respected for future generations.