Royal Yachting Association
The Green Blue

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is the national body for dinghy, yacht and motor cruising, all forms of sail racing, RIBs and sports boats, windsurfing and personal watercraft and a leading representative for inland waterways cruising. The RYA recognises the need to put in place measures to better protect sensitive marine habitats, such as Seagrass and Maerl, whilst ensuring that the measures consider both conservation objectives and existing recreational activities in coastal waters.

As the RYA and British Marine’s joint environmental awareness programme, The Green Blue raises awareness to the boating community of the importance of protecting our marine and inland waters via workshops, presentations, awareness campaigns and free resources. An element of The Green Blue’s role in the project is to deliver outreach work and training across the recreational boating community whilst also developing both waterside and online awareness raising resources.

As part of the LIFE ReMEDIES project, the RYA and The Green Blue play a key role in highlighting the importance of protecting sensitive seabed habitats such as Seagrass and Maerl to boaters, and in advising boaters how their boating methods, particularly anchoring and mooring, can help preserve and restore these important habitats.