ReMEDIES is undertaking trials of Advanced Mooring Systems (AMS) aimed at building confidence in moorings that are more beneficial to seagrass, as well as keeping boats secure.

We would like to work with local stakeholders and harbour authorities within our project’s five Special Areas of Conservation to fund, plan, install and trial AMS in areas of seagrass. We are keen to gather more evidence on the effectiveness of these systems in the UK and evaluate feedback from users.

In winter 2020/21 we began trialling AMS in the Solent, near Yarmouth Harbour on the Isle of Wight. A double high tide and exposure to harsh weather conditions on the west of the island means a rigorous test under the toughest conditions.

Yarmouth Harbour Master

Tim Adams
Yarmouth Harbour Master

We’ve been working closely with Tim Adams - Yarmouth Harbour Master - on this trial, which will provide vital information for introducing AMS more widely. More AMS are expected to be rolled out by ReMEDIES in 2021 at sites including Cowes on the Isle of Wight and Cawsand Bay in Plymouth Sound.

"Working with ReMEDIES has made a real difference to how we manage our moorings. We understand that seagrass is an important and sensitive habitat, so when we were approached about introducing Advanced Mooring Systems to reduce the impact that mooring can have on seagrass, we knew it was a great idea.

"Since those early conversations with ReMEDIES at the start of 2020, we’ve trialled different types of AMS around Yarmouth and found a system that works perfectly for us. The new equipment is compatible with what our moorings installer is already used to, so making the switch has been reasonably easy. Over time we aim to replace all our traditional moorings with AMS, so that more areas of our delicate seabed habitat can benefit.

"It's satisfying to know that the work we’ve done here has the potential to lead to healthier seagrass beds, not only around Yarmouth but elsewhere around the island and beyond."

Install AMS in your area

If you would like more information about installing AMS in your area, please download our Information Pack for Harbour Authorities