VNAZ marker sign

Voluntary No-Anchor Zones may be in place around protected areas such as seagrass meadows. They are intended to help boaters make an informed choice about where to anchor.

The local harbour authority can provide details of Voluntary No-Anchor Zone locations, while buoys on the water provide a visual marker. This can help recreational boaters choose alternatives, such as anchoring away from the protected area.

In April 2021, following seagrass restoration work by ReMEDIES, a voluntary no-anchor zone was put in place in the southern part of Jennycliff Bay in Plymouth Sound.

The Queen’s Harbour Master, Plymouth has issued location details for this zone and markers buoys have been installed on the water, with signs (left) designed by local creatives, Future Meadows.

You can also read our VNAZ in Plymouth Sound leaflet, circulated in and around Plymouth to inform informing local and visiting boaters about the zone.