Natural England has commissioned a report by Morek Engineering to investigate the performance of a range of different Advanced Mooring System (AMS) options within the key harbours and estuaries of the five Special Areas of Conservation ReMEDIES is focusing on. The AMS have been compared to a baseline block and chain catenary system.

The main objective of the AMS is to reduce the interaction between the mooring and the sensitive seabed habitats, including seagrass and maerl beds. This work is presented in two sections of the report: the first shows the results of stakeholder engagement with the ReMEDIES site leads and regional representatives, which enabled collection of environmental data for the models. The second stage involves the direct simulation of the performance of AMS systems with the offshore dynamics simulation software Orcaflex. The conclusions of this study further support the use of Advanced Mooring Systems as a means of protecting seabed habitats. However, further work is necessary to develop a clear design guideline for specific vessel and depth combinations.