Seagrass lab at the NMA, Plymouth
Image: Ocean Conservation Trust
Cultivation lab planted up
Image: Ocean Conservation Trust

The ReMEDIES seagrass cultivation lab can be found within the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth, and was designed to grow seagrass plants from seed.

With 36 metre2 of growing space, fast flowing water and specialised, fully controlled lighting, we can grow plants ready to transplant into the seabed.

This lab sees the seeds through from collection to seedling. We have times when there are masses of seagrass full of seed waiting to fall out, times when there are thousands of small hessian bags, waiting for the seed they contain to grow and, most excitingly, times when there are lots of little seagrass shoots. These miniature plants are future seagrass meadows - habitats and carbon stores.

You can visit this facility at the National Marine Aquarium and see the tiny plants getting ready to re-join their wild counterparts. The Ocean Conservation Trust, based within the National Marine Aquarium, manages the seagrass lab as part of the ReMEDIES habitat restoration programme.

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