Outreach and engagement on the Isles of Scilly

A small crowd of people smiling and holding various artefacts from the sea

ReMEDIES has been doing some amazing engagement and outreach on the Isles of Scilly! In October, a host of exciting activities got underway, led by The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust, as the  Festival of Nature launched for the first time! The events and engagement sessions showcased the wildlife on Scilly, including seagrass meadows. The Islands…

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Seagrass species spotlight: Seahorse

Spiny seahorse

Seahorses are a mainstay of the seagrass meadow community. But their declining numbers are one of the reasons habitat restoration projects like ReMEDIES are so important. As you probably guessed, seahorses are not actually horses, they are bony fish. Despite not having the traditional shape of fish, they breathe through gills and have a swim…

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Spring into action for seagrass

Snowdrops are emerging at our re-wilding site on Wembury recreation ground where we partnered Parklife Southwest last Autumn. It reminds us that spring is on its way – an exciting time of renewal and growth. In our seagrass lab at the National Marine Aquarium, our seedlings are growing well. Growth is also happening on our…

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The seabed and YOU

Our new Education Officer, Esther Farrant, based at Ocean Conservation Trust, talks us through some of the outreach and education highlights from her first few months…  ReMEDIES outreach events and education programme have really been ramping up recently. Several primary schools in Plymouth have now been involved in a seed planting workshop and are keen…

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