Seagrass species spotlight: Spider Crab

Hello Seagrass fans!  If you’re feeling crabby after not having your species spotlight update last month, do not worry, we have a treat in store for you!  This month we want to introduce you to a creepy looking, but intriguing creature.  You are going to meet the largest of the Crab family, they have incredibly…

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World Oceans Day!

Positivity in Nature – 5 things we should all know about seagrass   Following the weekends’ Jubilee celebrations, we have never been more united and positive for nature as a nation than we are following the messages of hope for nature from the pageantry of the celebrations.  From messages of hope from Sir David Attenborough,…

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Seagrass species spotlight: Seahorse

Spiny seahorse

Seahorses are a mainstay of the seagrass meadow community. But their declining numbers are one of the reasons habitat restoration projects like ReMEDIES are so important. As you probably guessed, seahorses are not actually horses, they are bony fish. Despite not having the traditional shape of fish, they breathe through gills and have a swim…

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